New Social Media Trends For 2019

2018-12-13T11:21:48+00:00December 13th, 2018|

    The world of social media has certainly been under the spotlight throughout 2018. Stories including Facebook being slapped with a large fine for its use of users data and adult content being banned from Tumblr have thrust the medium itself into the centre stage. With studies showing that the overuse of certain apps can [...]

Establishing an Authentic Brand Voice

2018-12-11T14:32:59+00:00December 11th, 2018|

    In every sector of business, branding is important. These days, companies without a strong and clear voice that represents what they do and what they stand for will inevitably be left behind. Over the past decade, the importance of branding has grown exponentially with platforms such as facebook, twitter and Instagram. Celebrities and influencers [...]

How to Proactively Use your Customer Reviews

2018-12-10T15:13:03+00:00December 10th, 2018|

  In the age of reviews and star ratings, the customer is king. It is well known that poor customer service is something people talk about frequently and those who have experienced a less than satisfactory encounter are far more likely to tell their friends and family about the situation than if they received good or [...]

Customer Feedback Forms Pros and Cons

2018-12-07T15:07:19+00:00December 7th, 2018|

    Since sites like Amazon and Ebay took over the online marketplace, the idea of the star based review has become ubiquitous in the world of internet sales and customer service. Whether you realise it or not, whenever you search for products on sites like this, your eye will be drawn to the customer reviews [...]