Winning New Clients in a Post Covid 19 World

//Winning New Clients in a Post Covid 19 World

Winning New Clients in a Post Covid 19 World

2020 will be remembered by most people as the year the world changed forever. Though there have been a few unexpected positives such as more time with family, a slower, less hectic pace of life for many as well as the profound environmental impact of reduced traffic and travel, this period has presented as many challenges as some of the most unstable times in human history. Unemployment is at an all-time high; crime and social tensions are higher than ever, and the way people live their lives has been profoundly altered. For those who work in digital marketing, there are still a lot of opportunities, but as many industries are on the brink of collapse, losing clients due to things like bankruptcy or an inability to trade is commonplace. In this article, Probella discuss how you can win new clients in this unusual and unstable post Covid world.

Explore emerging industries

Where nightclubs, festivals and concerts have all but ceased to exist in their previous incarnation, socially distanced events are becoming more popular, especially in cities and areas that are densely populated by younger people. Delivery services and online alternatives to face to face activities are still enjoying something of a boom and unless social distancing stops entirely, this will likely be the case for some time to come. From a digital marketing perspective, focusing on areas like this by approaching businesses directly can be a good way of striking up new and lasting partnerships. Though some organisations use “in house” marketing teams, many businesses are operating with a skeleton staff, meaning that they simply do not have the time or the resources to do this themselves. Offering a professional, efficient, and cost-effective digital marketing services to industries like this means you can potentially capitalise on growth areas. Competition is still fierce and though many businesses in industries that are experiencing a state of flux are eager to boost their online presence, they also understand that there are a number of potential agencies and professionals to choose from. This means quality service and due diligence are just as important as they ever were.

Target New Businesses

As whole industries shut down and millions of people lose their jobs, there has been a massive increase in the number of people changing careers and even starting up their own businesses. From online counselling to socially distanced exercise classes, people who worked in industries that can no longer operate have been coming up with ingenious ways to generate an income without having to work for a large or established company. As any self-employed person will know, this kind of enterprise is a full-time job that can take over practically every element of your life. Offering new businesses an effective marketing, PR and social media management package can be a great way of taking some of the stress out of their working day. The thing to remember about new businesses is that they are unlikely to be able to afford premium prices for marketing services, so ensure that you do not attempt to overcharge them. Quality speaks for itself but in times like these, businesses that are still in the early stages of their development will not be in a position to pay out large amounts of money to external agencies. Be flexible and remember that several lower paying clients are better than having none at all.

Digital Freelance Websites

Sites like People Per Hour, Upwork, 5er and the host of other freelance sites can be a great place to find new clients. Though you will pay a fee for using the service, which ultimately eats in to how much you are paid for the work you do, these sites are often the first place many new businesses look when searching for digital marketing professionals. The key to using the sites effectively is to be selective about the work you decide to take on. Most professionals understand that good quality work not only takes time, but also costs money. Unfortunately, there are some exceptions to this rule and some clients will try to secure a professional quality service for bargain basement prices. Even if you no clients at all, we would always discourage taking on clients who you feel are reluctant to pay a reasonable rate for the work you do. This will damage your reputation and you will end up working for a much lower rate than you are really worth. With that said, it is still possible to find genuinely professional clients on these sites if you are willing to sift through the scammers and penny pinchers.

Social Media Marketing

Though people are engaging with social media differently since Covid 19, it is still a good hunting ground for new potential clients. Paid advertising is probably the most effective option on Facebook and Twitter, especially since the algorithms changed, but you can still get a reasonable amount of engagement by sharing content yourself. Social media marketing requires a pro active approach. In other words, you need to be reading tweet and posts in detail, investigating pages and groups that may appeal to your potential client and if you are confident enough, contacting users directly to advertise your services. Though there are no hard and fast rules in terms of how to engage with social media, a direct, professional and friendly approach will help you to cut through the inherent hostility that has started to define some of the major platforms.


Winning new clients is not easy, especially in times of severe economic uncertainty and global crisis, but for digital marketing professionals, there is still a great deal of work available. Focusing on growth areas, new businesses and clients who are likely to benefit from outsourcing their marketing is the most effective way to engage in 2020. Stay on top of the news and ensure that you adjust your approach according to the way the world is changing. As social distancing and local lockdowns continue, it is likely that many industries will remain in a state of flux for some time to come.

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