Trending Topics During Covid 19

//Trending Topics During Covid 19

Trending Topics During Covid 19

As the Covid 19 crisis continues and lockdowns begin to be eased at different rates around the world, the topics that people are searching for are beginning to change. The life defining events of the past 3 months have turned the world upside down and this is definitely being reflected by changing search habits. In this article, we give you an overview of some of the most popular topics and trends that have emerged since the beginning of the Covid crisis.

Information about the virus

Naturally, the most popular search terms are related to the virus itself. People want to know what it is, how it effects people, how it can be transmitted and more importantly, what they can do to keep themselves safe from it. From an SEO perspective, it makes sense to mention the Corona virus directly, but avoid making excessive references to it in things like body copy or email subject lines just to get hits.

The Economy

As the world is now set to experience the worst global recession since the great depression, people all across the globe have been searching for topics relating to the economy in general. Stock market prices, interest rates and unemployment figures are of great interest to the majority of people now as they need to know that what the current situation means for their business, their job, and their investments.

Government Guidelines

As every country has taken a slightly different approach to managing the Covid crisis, it can be difficult for everyday people to find information about what they are legally allowed to do. Searches beginning with “When can I…” have skyrocketed, as have terms such as “Is it illegal to…” All businesses need to be aware of local laws and guidelines relating to Covid 19, so it makes sense to either include a link to the official government information on your site or clearly display the regulations somewhere on your page. As this is not a normal situation, customers expect to see things like alerts or pop ups, informing them of how your business has adapted to the new regulations.

Personal Protection Equipment

Now that face masks are compulsory on public transport in the vast majority of countries that still have a high infection rate, everyday searches for personal protection equipment or “PPE” have gone through the roof. People need to know where they can buy things like masks and rubber gloves, especially if they are working with the public. They may also want to find out how to make their PPE at home.

Home Workouts

This trend is quite surprising considering how inactive many people are these days, but home workouts were among the top trending topics outside of anything related to Covid 19. From home gym equipment and exercise video to zoom based yoga classes and sportswear delivery, internet users seem to be highly focused on fitness. This is a direct result of lockdown measures and also enforced gym closures. Once social distancing is eased, this trend is likely to subside once more but as it stands, it is still one of the hottest topics out there.

Alcohol Delivery

In the UK, all pubs and restaurants are closed. The same has happened across the majority of the world and while we wait for the lockdowns to gradually ease, the alternative to buying alcohol on a premise is to have it delivered. Many craft ale retailers, wine specialists and even some bars and restaurants have been offering bespoke delivery packages as a way of keeping in touch with their customers while still maintaining social distancing.

Take Away Food

Just below alcohol delivery is take away food. As people cannot really go out and mix with each other in person anymore, they are treating themselves to other ways of enjoying themselves. One of the most popular seems to be ordering more take away food than they ordinarily would. Most countries are still allowing home delivery of pre prepared food, providing that social distancing is strictly adhered to and this topic shows no signs of slowing just yet. We are likely to see a slight reduction in this type of search once restaurants re open, but it will always be a popular topic, regardless of lockdown or social distancing.

Mental Health Advice

Unfortunately, the impact of the global crisis we are all facing will be felt for some time and this is already becoming apparent due to the number of searches people are conducting that relate to mental health. Everything from ways to relax, how to cope with panic attacks and symptoms of depression have begun trending more than ever.

General News

Though most of us are constantly plugged in to social media and see news articles every day, the Covid crisis has prompted many more actual searches for news sites. This is in the form of both famous platforms such as CNN, the BBC and the New York Times as well as more general searches such as “Covid news” and “Coronavirus news.” This makes sense as people are always keen to find out as much information as they can during times of global instability such as this.

Hobbies, Crafts, and Interests

With so many people furloughed or forced to work from home, there has been a marked increase in the number of searches that relate to things like hobbies and crafts. People are learning new skills, starting ambitious decorating projects, and turning to things like study and crafts as a way of alleviating lockdown boredom and helping themselves to find a focus during these dark times. When socialising is not an option, most people feel the need to engage in activities that don’t just involve watching TV, so this trend can be expected to continue for as long as social distancing does.

The impact of Covid 19 will continue to be felt for a long time and this means it will remain one of the most popular search terms for a while yet. As lockdown begins to ease and other issues such as the recent BLM protests continue to influence the way people are behaving, we are likely to see more radical shifts in the terms users are searching for.

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