Black Friday in Digital Marketing

//Black Friday in Digital Marketing

Black Friday in Digital Marketing

Though black Friday was something that originated in the physical stores of the USA, it’s now a phenomenon that has spread across the world. From the UK and parts of Europe to many other parts of the globe, savvy shoppers look out for bargains and discounts that they can’t find at any other time of the year. Though this is a controversial tactic that some argue is simply a means of getting rid of old or unwanted stock quickly, the tradition has retained its popularity and looks set to continue for some years to come. Here’s Probella’s guide on capitalising on black Friday from a digital marketing perspective.

Don’t be subtle

When it comes to black Friday advertising online, subtlety isn’t usually the most effective approach. Loud, bold, vivid adverts that grab people’s attention immediately are generally the best option. Banner ads, pop ups and videos can all be extremely effective and bold, oversized font on your own website will allow your customers to head straight to any specially discounted black Friday items in your store. With any sale or discount, the message has to be as clear and unambiguous as possible, so even if it may be slightly at odds with your existing tone of voice, a direct call to action is generally a better approach than trying to be subtle.

Don’t reveal all of your offers before the date

Though it can be a great strategy to show off some examples of the discounts you are going to offer on black on Friday, never let your customers know about everything you plan to have for sale. Keeping a sense of intrigue and mystery means that you can surprise people with your best offers. The whole principal of black Friday is to offer deals that would be impossible for the rest of the year. It’s not uncommon for the most successful to retailers to offer 50% and even 75% discounts on some items.

Give Your Customers Plenty of Notice

Whether it’s a campaign of email marketing or regular tweets about your upcoming sale, you need to let people know that you’re planning to take part in black Friday well in advance. Shoppers often plan their black Friday purchases to an extent, so they need to know that you’re going to be involved. You don’t have to give too much away, but it’s usually a good tactic to hint at the level of discount you’re offering, the brands or particular products that may be included and most importantly, how much your potential customers stand to save if they buy from you during the sale.

Codes and Vouchers

If you want to retain a sense of exclusivity and attract customers who are serious about your brand, discount codes and vouchers can be a great tactic. This sort of initiative will drive engagement. Asking customers to respond to emails, SMS or other means of direct communication means you can let them know about black Friday deals well in advance, while also giving them an incentive to check out your site. Though this period is well known for discounts already, adding additional money off can drive further engagement and help you to stand out amongst the other campaigns.

Subject Lines Must be Snappy

At this time of year, shoppers both on and offline are bombarded with messages encouraging them to spend. Overkill means that they’re likely to tune out unless you give them a good reason to pay attention. Email subject lines for black Friday digital marketing campaigns should be snappy, original and most of all enticing. Be specific and let customers know exactly how much they will potentially save by using percentages or fractions. This way everything is as clear as possible. “Up to 75% off on hosting packages in our Black Friday Sale” is generally a better example than “Check Out our Black Friday deals to see how much you can save.” Remember, people are absolutely inundated with messages like this at this time of year, so they’re only likely to click the most appealing offers.


As one of the most effective models of selling, subscription-based deals are fantastic for generating a lot of business in a short space of time. Black Friday offers on subscriptions for things like gaming services, music streaming and TV do very well but as this model continues to proliferate through other markets, website hosting providers, security companies and other digital services have begun to jump on board. If customers feel as if they are being offered something that will last them for a period of months, rather than just grabbing a quick, one off bargain, the sense of value increases significantly. Most offers like this are advertised very clearly with an actual break down of how much a full membership would cost compared to the discount rate you’re offering.

Live Chat and Pop Ups

As part and parcel of online communication in 2019, using these new platforms to advertise black Friday deals is just common sense. Insert direct links to your ecommerce shop or your product page so that it’s as quick and simple as possible for customers to find what they’re looking for. Live chat can be programmed with an array of different messages, so there’s nothing to stop you using this type of platform to talk about your best offers. Keep your message concise, but specific.


Black Friday is no longer just a single day in the retail calendar. It effectively marks the beginning of the busiest period of the year for many businesses. Capitalising on this trend and incorporating it into your digital marketing strategy should be something you do as a matter of course. Short, direct messages and easy to navigate links are paramount and preparing for your campaign well in advance is always advisable. Ultimately, though you will be offering products at a discounted rate, you have the potential opportunity to generate a good amount of profit, as well as a new base of customers.

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